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Party Day


My heart is full of happiness while I am navigating through all these beautiful messages that you, adorable fans, are sending in commemoration of the 15th years of these amazing five demigods!!! What a lovely party!!! I am so lucky of have found Arashi and this extraordinary fandom!!! I am grateful for the existence of Arashi and I will support them forever! I am grateful for the existence of such kind fans and I hope always be worthy of be with them!!!

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Happy 15th Anniversary, Arashi!!!

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“From the very beginning, the 5 of us were scraped together under the front cover of ‘Arashi’, but the content was all blank paper. From that time onward, as we kept on contemplating the question of “What exactly is Arashi?”, bit by bit we began to draw the sketches of Arashi on our own, and then gradually the colors started to appear.”

Happy 5x15!~ ♥

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"Las promesas significan todo, pero cuando no se cumplen, las disculpas no significan nada."
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