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[MV] 없어 (None) - Wonny (feat. Jay Kim)


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jun matsumoto -meiji cm-

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Some MatsuJun memes as requested by my cousin

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[Duet] 2001.11

OMG Sho the Gal. Acually, during the 2001’s summer Sho went to a Tokyo’s beach and tanned a little bit too much…

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me and my frantic friend decided to make a sakumoto cosplay. we are two fools! XDDDDDDD 

we’re from Russia! fuck yeah xD 

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and he says he doesn’t like kids… XD

It’s August 26th = 4 to 31

To the man who has said before that he doesn’t particularly like kids, but is a natural with them.  If this man every has a baby girl he will be a goner, she’ll have him wrapped around her finger from day one. Papa Jun doesn’t have a bad ring to it.

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MAIN’s tea party ; )
*credit on pic

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Photo edits from non-no 2014.07

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松本潤 part

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Endless Game performance 2013 FNS Music Festival

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